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Got a chance to clean up the inside of the boat. I pulled the carpet, which was quite rotten. It came out really easy. I then proceeded to remove the rudder assembly, which wasnt moving very freely and definitely needs a bit of attention. The grease fitting is gone, and will have to be replaced, hopefully that something that can be done fairly easily. Ill polish, and reseal the entire assembly as well when I install it.

I went out and worked on it in the day time for once and pressure washed the inside, removing the glue residue from the fiberglass.

Once I removed the automatice floated switch for the bilge, water rushed through the screw holes. So, there is water between the sub floor and the outer hull. Im not sure how to approach fixing this, or if even needs to be fixed. While searching where the source of the water may be, I noticed "cracks" in the four corners of the boat. It looks like the layers of glass may be separating. I can fit a flat head screw driver into them.

Anyone have a clue how to approach this?

I removed the windshield, but had a hard time removing the lower frame components, the nuts holding the frame down look more like washers, and are rusted beyond recognition, so I'll have to mess with those some more. I was told by a mastercraft dealer to just use regular window weather stripping for underneath the frame. So, I'll do that when I reassemble the windshield. Heres an imagine with the first section out.

I then proceeded to remove the throttle control. I took it apart and started cleaning the components. I may end up replacing the actual lever. I like the chrome look and may just get a new one instead of messing with getting the old one chrome plated.

I should be picking the motor up this week, and once I have all new bearings and gaskets, I'll start reassembly of it.
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