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Originally Posted by disastercraft View Post
I cannot read any of the four numbers on the old power valve, damaged by corrosion. I also tested the carb for a blown power valve by adjusting the idle mix screws all the way in and the engine did not die. Im ready to give up and buy a new or reman carb. Does anyone have any recommendations? The cheapest I found was from I-5 carburetor for $300.00.

thanks for all the help
Test the power valve as previoussly instructed, and not by the air screws. Also make sure you are getting a good vaccum seal on the carb.And another important step when using the rebuild kit is the overnight soak. You may still have a gummed up pathway that is not allowing the carb to function properly with fuel flow. For me, once I decided to buy another carb, I'd buy a new carb. Re-mans may be OK for some but for not much more (~$150) you can get a new 4160. If the new carb does not fix your problem, don't be dissapointed. Once you figure out the issue (aside from the carb if applicable) you'll truly appreciate having a fresh carb. It's a nice post maintenaance item that will serve you well. Patience.

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