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Well I got some more work done over the last week or so. The motor has been taken to the machine shop, and should be ready for pick up next week. The guy there said everything looked pretty dang good, and he didnt expect any real issues cleaning the block and such. I went ahead and had them do a valve job as well.

I removed the side panels. They were quite rotten and I was able to literally just pull them away from the fiberglass with minimal effort without even loosening nuts that hold them in place. Ill rebuild them out of marine grade plywood in time, and then have them reupholstered. They arent a vital part of the boat, so they arent at the top of the to do list.

I then pulled the dash. Most of the guages look destroyed, especially the speedos. Will have to get replacements one day. I labeled all the wires as I removed them from the gauges in hope of being able to install new ones easier. The dash itself has cracking on top, but will be repaired fairly easily.

Then I went ahead and removed the gas tank and filling cap assembly which was corroded shut. And look was I found!

The backing plates of the stern eye hooks were more or less not existent. Ill be replacing those with 1/4 aluminum plates I think. Any reason to not use aluminum? It should be a pretty easy repair. I wasnt really surprised considering the rust on other parts of the boat. For example, the steering cable bracket will have to be replaced also. I think I'd like to use aluminum for this as well. Here's a pic of what it looks like.

Ill probably have to disassemble the rudder assembly and grease everything, I may be able to just spray grease in there, but I think the grease fittings may be unusable. Time will tell. Im expecting to have to replace them.

The last thing I did tonight, was remove the floor board in front of the motor box. I talked to a mastercraft dealer and they said Id likely have to replace it. Well, upon closer inspection, they are right. I removed the ski pylon. I tried to slide the board out. Well, then I realized the ski pylon cross member would not allow the board to slide out because of the battery box. So, I proceeded to remove the cross member. No big deal really. I tested to see how solid the board was by bend it, and well, it snapped easily, so yes, it needed to be replaced. The wood on the inside was completely soaked. Somewhere along the way the epoxy resin must have separated from the board, and moisture got in. I'll use the board as a template.

Here's what the area around the bilge looked like.

I was originally kinda hoping to avoid replacing the carpet right away, but I think its smarter to do while there is not motor in the boat getting in the way. So, I'll be stripping the rest of the interior, and pressure washing the inside, hopefully this weekend. And I'll look at taking the windshield apart, Ill be getting the windshield frame, the vents, throttle control, swim platform brackets, and bell housing powder coated sometime in the near future.
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