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Transmission Warning Light On HELP

Went out for 3rd run this season, 2.5 hours in on a long run down river the transmission temperature warning light came on. I stopped and checked the fluid level and it was low but not empty. I looked around and saw fluid in the bilge and some on top of the housing.

I limped back to the ramp, let the boat cool a while I went to get the trailer. When I started the boat back up the light was off and stayed off while I loaded it up. Which took about 5 minutes total. The tranny fluid on the dipstick looked like a strawberry milkshake. I pulled the tranny cooler when I got home and it was corrosion and crack free, it was also free of debris.

My plan as of now is to pull and replace the fluid a couple of times and clean the tranny filter, and see if that fixes the problem. Here are my questions to you fine fellows:

1. Does the strawberry milkshake indicate water?

2. If so what are the likely reasons it got in there, I did get a lot of water in the bilge last year a time or 2 before I replaced the drive shaft seal.

3. Where is and how do I clean the tranny filter? Could not find it in my service manual

FYI 97 prostar 190 with a 5.7L
2004 MariStar 230 VRS with X Package
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