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Yes, Im sure all of us would be more than willing to check it out if you are interested. Boat looks very clean and like its been well taken care of....As DoubleD mentioned, getting it on the water should not be an issue as there are several lakes local within a few minutes drive.

Originally Posted by Double D View Post
Swibby69, first, welcome to Teamtalk. To bad you finally joined just to sell your boat... From the ads in other web sites I see your in North Canton. The boat looks in great shape, why are you selling?
When you did use it, where did you go?

xbrdr1, there are a few lakes within 30 to 45 minutes away that it can be test drove on, unless Swibby69 has a private option. Also, there are a few TT members in the area (JHall0711, Captain Planet, etc) who could help with an inspection, if needed. Just let us know.
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