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Well I just calculated, Ive already put 33 man-hours into my project, and its only been 7 days. Im pretty excited about this overall process and the final outcome some day in the future. I took the oil pan and sanded it to bare metal. As I initially pressure washed in, I noticed rust under the paint, so I had to remove it all.

This photo was taken at some point during the process. I then used a high temp primer and black paint. I actually still need a couple more layers of paint before the pan is done.

Additionally, the motor has been totally torn down, well, with the exception of the headers, which arent torn down. I had the help of a friend to pull the pistons. Everything came out without too much difficulty. I placed eveything in bags and labeled it all. In general the motor looks good. The cylinder walls look smooth. The crank and camshafts dont show much wear, the bearings also look good. Im taking the block to a performance machine shop to get them to clean it, as well as check it out and help me decide how to approach the restoration. Im fairly optimistic that only minimal machining will be required.

I then proceeded to work on restoring the engine mounts. The pair that attaches to the block is in good condition and I was able to sand blast, clean, prime and paint those mounts. The other pair however is a lost cause, and rusted to a point where trying to save them seems like running your head into a wall.

Heres the mount that couldnt be saved:

Heres what the mounts look like before and after:

The mounts are quite done, they need another coat of paint and then they can be assembled. I just wanted to see what they look like. Is there a product out there that would be effective at protecting the exposed parts of the bolts?

The last thing I did tonight was play with the transmission. The transmission with a reduction ratio of 1:52 is mostly in pieces, the previous owner tore it apart because it was underwater. As I look at it, in general the gears are in good shape. Some of them do have some rust on them. My camera on my phone was having trouble, so I dont have photos that I wanted to post.

Here is the drive gear assembly, whats the best way to take care of these kind of parts?

I followed the instructions in the manual provided by the previous owner. I printed the pages and put them in a binder for easy use.

I actually kinda assembled it, without pressing bearings and without a few washers and snap rings, just to see how it fit together. I also need to get a few gaskets and seals, but other than that, all the parts seem to be there. I'll be out of town this coming weekend, so the transmission will have to wait for a couple weeks, but Id like to have it ready to go by the end of may.

Maybe the motor will be ready by then as well. Ill begin tearing down some of the interior parts, like the steering/controls and the dash tomorrow maybe. We'll see how ambitious I get.

Im still looking for the fenders to go to a good home. If I dont find anyone, I'll likely shop em up a good bit and adapt them to my trailer in the future. If anyone is interested, let me know.

- Nikolai
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