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I got the surf wave pretty nice on our new X-25. The wake for boarding is pretty large too. My buddy normally surfs the other side but I had it setup for me. The wake in the last pic was before we dialed it in. I am glad we got all three tabs because they make a huge difference both boarding and surfing.

This first vid is from Aug 14th

Just started to try surf style 360's. Today was day three. Finally landed one and was pumped

These vids and first pic were added after this first post:

Video 1

Video 2. She didn't lose it at the end of the video, she saved it but my buddy cut the clip so the clips weren't too long.

Video 3. This is my buddy Mike. He's 220lbs. I took him once last week and he made a few hits and today was his second time ever surfing. He's hooked on wake surfing to say the least. He was so stoked to ride all over wireless.

Mike and Angies first tandem run! My four son just turned 4months and stood on the surf board for the first time today in the water almost on his own. Just needed some help balancing

My wife on her new Walker Bomb Pop

Some more pics from today:

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