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Originally Posted by SkiDaddy View Post
Hello all,

I recently removed my drivers seat in my "new to me" 1993 ProStar 190. I found a few helpful hints on he boards here, but figured I'm summarize what I did for anyone down the road that might be looking for info.

My drivers seat was hard to adjust, which was the reason I wanted to work on it. The seat is connected to a pair of sliding rails that screw into the floor mounting rails. I removed the seat and the rails as an entire unit. I read some folks that could just slide the seat right off the rails, but I think that is only possible if the rails had been removed in the past and some internal rail locking components removed.

What I did was:

1. Remove seat cushion and back cushion.
2. Slide seat all the way back and that will expose the front rail mounting screws on each of the rails. Remove each screw. Note: Mine were quite tight and I used a impact driver with a philips head bit to remove them. You might need the same or a big & stout philips screwdriver to remove them. Don't strip the heads!!!
3. On the seat, you will see several holes that can be used as access holes to the rear mounting rails screws. Slide the seat back until the access holes line up over the rail mounting screws. Remove two two screws.
4. The entire seat and rails can now be lifed out as a unit.

I carefully sprayed some de-greaser into the rails and worked them back and forth to clean out some of the old sticky grease. I then worked a small amount of new grease into the rails. On one of my rails, two small metallic cylinders fell out and I think these were part of the locking mechanism that keeps the rails from sliding fully apart from one another. So one of my rails can come apart, and the other cannot. I didn't worry too much about trying to put it back together. It works fine.

I also took the opportunity to clean off some rust where the metal rails meet the carpet. Also, now is a good time to clean and condition the vinyl on the right side of the seat and around the speaker to the right of the seat where access is difficult when th seat is in place.

Put things back together in reverse order and you should be good to go.

Good luck!

Now u need to go get a swivel mount and put it between the slides and the seat base . I do not have a bolster seat , so this will raise the seat up maybe 2 inches , not much more than sitting on a cushion ( what most of us do anyway )
The swivel allows u to spin around to get out of the drivers seat when u get up , and also when sitting around and just hanging out u can spin around and be involved in the conversation instead of sitting straight forward all the time like a child in time out .
One of the best things I have done to the prostar that I really think mastercraft should have done from the factory ..!
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