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Originally Posted by Wired_Right View Post
Thanks!!! I got the X5 for a screaming deal "lease return" the dealer could not sell it because it was a stick. I laughed.
They let me take it for the weekend and all they did was copy my drivers license. I fell in love with it.

I now have 249,000 miles it.

That's awesome and what a deal! 249k......very nice. They sure drive nice but also handle decent too. And you can tow. Our 400h hybrid is quick in a straight line but don't ask it to take a corner....or tow anything. Maybe next time the X5 will be in our cards. But for some reason, I like the older style (yours). Also, no NAV on yours. Probably a sweet move. Their system was pretty old and non-intuitive (I'm not saying the Lexus is that much better either, but a little).

Yours is 4.4 correct? Not the 4.8 (or 4.6)?
- Jeff

1994 205, LT1

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