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Just driving around Lake WA I don't think the difference in maneuverability will matter. You'll get used to either quickly. The only scenario that it might create a little more discomfort is when you're docking into a tight, unfamiliar place. On the other hand, the water on Lake WA can get quite rough, and the better rough water behavior could very well make a big difference in comfort for you and your passengers.

I can't speak for the specific differences between the X-35 and X-30; I don't know just how the X-30 behaves in rougher water, or how much more maneuverable it is than the X-35.

What I can say is that I previously had 205V based X-2 (similar to the X-1) and now have an X-25. The X-2 may be the most maneuverable V-drive MC has made. It felt like a sports car. The X-25 handles more like a big sedan. It doesn't turn nearly as quickly so I have to be more thoughtful in tight spaces or slow speeds. But in normal driving, really no functional difference.

The big difference is that the X-25 is a deep V and cuts through the rough water to the extent I don't notice it much any more, whereas the X-2 got pounded. Even just crossing over my own wake when turning around -- huge difference that my crew and I noticed and appreciated right away. It also means that on many afternoons when I wanted to take the boat out for a cruise with friends and family, or a tubing session with kids, with the X-2 I wouldn't go because it was too rough, or the risk of taking hits over the bow. No problem with the X-25 -- and I get much more family use with the X-25 than I did with the X-2 as a result.
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