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Originally Posted by BMcD View Post
Hey Hadip,

I would strongly recommend the X35 for LW and surfing. It is a heavier boat with more room on board for people and weight. Regardless of beging a beginner or an expert, you will want the boat with maximum versatility. Surfing is a great sport for virtually everyone.

We are also on LW and decided to go with the X45 to make sure we had a big heavy boat for those rough weekend days in the summer. Now that we have spent a few seasons with the boat, we regularly load it with additional ballast in the rear lockers. I think you will be very happy with the 35 (we strongly considered) and will be able to shape a great wake.

If interested in a great wakesurf board, drop us a line at Day1.

'06 8.1L X-45
BMcD, I understand the x35 has better rough water performance, but are you sure the difference is critical on Lake Washington? I live in a calmer bay, and while I'd lose the smooth ride in choppy water I'd gain easier maneuverability around other traffic if I want to take the kids out inner-tubing.

Does anybody know which has a better wave for learning surfing - brand new x35 or new x30? Or is the difference immaterial for beginners?
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