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Originally Posted by Jerseydave View Post
Beautiful S&S! You have 4 boat guides on the trailer? Never saw that before, does it work well for loading?
Under those 4 guides are the posts for my single jet ski rack I "never" use. So, I have the rack stored and put guide poles to not scratch the boat. It does work well for loading when I need to get the trailer deep on a ramp. i do not run the risk of hitting my trailer fender with the bottom of the boat.

As far the the jet ski rack I did not design it. The previous owner I purchased the boat from years ago welded that up to go to Lake Havasu.

You can load and unload the jet ski with the boat on the trailer. Once off. it take two guys to lift the rack up and pin it up on the guides and then back the trailer deeper in the water to unload the boat.

Used it once like this. Only is a good option for a long trip for a far away lake.
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