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Originally Posted by hadip View Post
I'm a total n00b, looking to decide between an x30 and x35. I've never wakesurfed, but I want to learn. the other equally important use for the boat will be cruising around and pulling little kids around innertubing. This is on lake washington, which is calm some days, choppy other days.

I already test-drove both, it's clear the x35 is a bit harder to maneuver. But how much better is it in moderately rough water? And which boat has a better wake for LEARNING wakesurfing (or is the difference in wakes irrelevant for novices)?

There will be no real difference in learning to surf behind either boat. You will just not weight them for maximum surf wake until you get better at surfing.

IMHO: Go with whatever boat will give the best wave period. You'll progress fast enough that if you compromise now you'll be mad that you did later on.

I do not know how much difference there is in the hull of the boats from the 06 to 2012 model X30s, but I have been told this:

The current X35 was a better surf boat then the 06-10 X30. I have not surfed the X35 nor have a I set one up. Chase Hazen, the current world champ has an X35. As far as the 2012 X30 vs current X35s I don't think anyone has that answer yet.

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