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New 1990 Prostar 190 owner

I just purchased a 1990 Prostar 190 with a 351 in it, that is in dire need of a lot of TLC. Im gonna bring her back to life. The hull is in excellent shape which serves as a good starting point. Some elbow grease and the boat should shine. The motor and transmission are a different story. The story I got is that the boat was owned by an older guy who used it to ski with his daughters. They grew up and lost interest in boating, so the boat more or less sat for a while out in the elements. The guy thought about fixing it up, but he decided it wasnt worth the effort to get the thing running again. So it sat for a while longer until he sold it.

The guy I bought it from was planning on restoring it, but lost interest when he came across a center console fishing boat. He has like 5 boats at his house. He saw that the transmission was sitting in water at one point so decided to pull it as well as the motor, since that wasnt running either and likely needs a rebuild. So, he bought a rebuild kit with instructional video for the transmission, which looks nice and clean and in pieces currently. The motor turns over manually, but def needs a lot of work. Ill start tearing it down tomorrow and hopefully I will be able to save it without giving up an arm and a leg.

The interior is completely shot so will have to be replaced.

Things that are obviously missing from the boat are Carb, 1 exhaust manifold and riser, and starter. Seems like everything else is there. Im looking forward to learning about this mastercraft specifically and engine rebuilding and boat restoration in general. Ill be needing a bunch of help along the way.

The basic plan is as follows:

1. Get motor and transmission running and installed (motor may just need to be replaced)
2. Electrical such as gauges (not including a stereo)
3. re upholster 2 front seats
4. Then I'll work on making her look good on the outside
5. Then go back to finish the interior, rear seat, side panels, and then any final touches like stereo.
6. Fix the trailer
7. Play on the water

Would love to hear some advice or motivating thoughts, this is something Ive wanted to do for a while but havent taken the plunge till now.

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