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The Tournament lakes around here are all 1900-2100, which seems perfect to me. 2000 is ideal for slalom IMO. You don't want it too long, otherwise wind will affect it more. Width should be 225- 300, otherwise you won't be able to get the proper slope, and on the ends, you need 275+ to turn around properly without having to crank it too hard, as well as having the proper slope there as well. Depth depends on your needs. If it is just for slalom, than 8 feet is plenty in the middle and 5-6 feet at the turn bouys, but if you plan to stock it with fish and/or wakeboard you will need 10-11 feet. Turn-around islands are a must if you want to do it right, otherwise you will get rollers down the course. They do add a bit of work and cost, as you need to riprap them with rock. When it comes to slope, the gentler the better at the edge, whereas it can be steeper out further.

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