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I have been skiing on a friends lake nearby that is only 320m by 50m with a 2/3 course and it is really quite tight but adequate. I don't have length constraints, maybe I can look at this a little more. Now is the time to change it! I have an extremely wet property and plan on filling it from a sump alongside with drains feeding it. I can then pump it over the bank. Because my rainfall is not guaranteed I was intending on my calculations, of having the banks 3m high by 3m wide at the top. This should give me approx. 3.5 metres after needing .5m soil removed from floor. Ie. Planning on 3.3m(11') water. I hear you all say gooooo longer. I actually have a natural lake that I deepened to 4.5m not far away and it is holding well, I have this stocked with fish. So I have had a small trial run. It's only about 2Ha (5acres) and round,due to native vegetation I couldn't make it any bigger. I wasn't intending on putting in turning islands and a slope of something like 1 in 2.5/3 on the inside bank, is this enough slope?
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