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Good luck!

However, 440 yards (1,320') is a bit on the short side for a ski lake? The course is 850 feet (259M). If you want 55M setup buoys, add 182' to each side. That's leaving you about 75' on each end for the skier to get up and ready. For reference, USAWS tests towboats acceleration to 36 mph over 250'.

We set up a course on a lake that was about 1,800' and, even without 55m buoys, it's a tight squeeze and we found ourselves starting off going the other way and turning a circle into the course. This is not ideal for the rollers it creates, but it's doable.

If you have room, go for 2,000 feet or, in a perfect world, 2,500'. If you don't have room and 1,320 is your max, look into an 8 buoy setup for the course.

Also, what sort of slope are you using for the sides? How deep will it be? If you are relying on run off to fill it, consider digging it deep all the way out to the turn balls so that you can keep skiing even when the rain isn't what you hoped it would be. Finally, if you are considering having turn islands, my understanding from lake owners with whom I've spoken is that they're more trouble than they're worth, so much so that I know one who finally dug his island out after 15 years of messing with it.

Again, not trying to discourage you. A lot of us dream of having our own private spot. But if you're going to the trouble, best to build it too big rather than too small. Best of luck! Keep us posted and keep posting pictures.
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