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Originally Posted by ShawnB View Post
Really nice X25. I like the teak. Also which engine did you get?
I went with MC's recommendation and did the 5.7. Here in AZ we aren't at any high altitude. We had 7 people and over 1200lbs ballast last week and it did great. I might try the 5 blade OJ and see how much of a different that makes too.

I wasn't too impressed with the finish of the Gel coat brand new from MC so I had my detailers spend 18 hours doing the entire boat inside and out. The pics indoors you can see swirls on the back, the black was worse. The first pic I added out in the sun you can see there's not a swirl anywhere and the finish now looks like a show boat. Multi-stage process of sanding, polishing and waxing. I'm anal about my stuff Here's a before and after pic of the black portions of the gel coat. Keep in mind the first pic is how it was delivered from MC and the boat is brand new. The second and third pics are after my guys were done with it. Most people don't look at their cars and boats under harsh light for flaws but I do and make them all go away. I have full time detailers at my place so it's nice having them there. And Robbie from AWS was so impressed he might use my detailers for all their boats now as well. If anyone in AZ needs boat detailing shoot me a PM.

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