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Originally Posted by TRBenj View Post
The 2 pieces of the puzzle that you need to supply are:

1) Where does your boat make its peak hp? (I would expect a NA 6.0L to peak in the 5400-5600 range... not sure if/how the SC affects that).

2) A known data point (WOT RPM vs. GPS speed with a known prop).

Then you prop it to turn at or near the peak hp level at WOT. That will maximize top end. If youre currently overpropped (which may very well be the case) then if you go to a prop with less pitch, you should gain holeshot, midrange power and top end as well.
Yes but you also told me a few months back that the blades can flex causing pitch change. How do we factor that in. My speed doesn't change past 4700-4800 so there is 300-400 rpm that are not doing anything.

Does a higher pitch flexing compensate for the lower pitch flex?
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