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Originally Posted by aquaman View Post you really think you need another 4 years to be convinced??

Believe what your eyes tell you now.......why would even risk another 4 yrs?
Good Lord no! I don't need convincing. I'd like to think my eyes are open to what's going on, but I just do not see how choosing the lesser of two evils and compromising my beliefs makes our country any better. I really don't believe Romney can beat Obama anyway. Romney's record is horrible and Obama will rake him across the coals regarding his big banking background (eventhough Obama is just as tied into them as Romney is). The good thing is there is still time. The mainstream media is hiding the fact that Ron Paul has already accumulated a lot of delegates and is continuing to do so. Based on delegate count he's won in Iowa and Missouri, but you won't hear that from any of the major networks or news sources.
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