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Yes. I understand MC buys it and in fact I sourced it through my upholsterer ( Viper customs). They do advise however that the Silvertec is only available via MC. With respect to all "manufacturers suffering" from the same materials, I am somewhat unsympathetic. These are premium boats at a premium price. We essentially pay the manufacturers to vet their subs for quality. My fabric did not last 2 seasons without showing issues. I then was given new ( horizontal ) skins but had to pay to have them installed. The new skins never fit like factory originals and then also quickly developed issues. Stuff can happen but at this level of boat and expectations, I think buyers were entitled to a higher level of support for a defective product. My .02 .At this point I am just thrilled at the prospect of having a restored interior that I think I can be confident in. Crossing my fingers but cautiously optimistic.
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