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Originally Posted by LYNRDSKYNRD View Post
Looks great I bought the same valve covers for mine and am putting them on soon. How much of a pain were the manifolds to remove? Mine could use sand blasting too.
My manifolds came off nicely! Your mileage may vary from what I've read.

I actually ran into the more trouble with one of the original valve cover studs. Some of them were REALLY in there. One wouldn't come out. I had to resort to extreme measures.

I also got the "manifold hardware kit" from skidim which included (a) new bolts (b) manifold gaskets (c) new nipples for the cooling hose and (d) new drain plugs. Although, I opted for copper plugs I picked up from Lowes.

Also, if you use these valve covers you're going to need longer studs. I found out that these are nearly impossible to source locally unless you want to cut your own from threaded rod. I found a nice set on eBay for something like $14 shipped. You need 12 so this comes out to be a pretty fair deal. The best part, though, is that they have an allen head so you can screw them right in with a t-handle. No double-nutting.

Originally Posted by Jerseydave View Post
MAC or SNAP-ON box end crowfoot wrench, 3/8 drive.

Light tint looks nice to me!

Ditch the plastic spark arrestor cover.....looks fisher price-like to me anyway.
Plus all that does it for your engine to suck in hot engine air, something that cannot help performance anyway. Get a new spark arrestor for K & N (marine grade)
Thanks for the suggestion. I'll probably do that. crowfoot box end is definitely not something I have! But crowfoot is a good idea.
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