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Sorry for the delay! Since my last update I've:
  • Installed the Ford Racing cast aluminum valve covers with new gaskets and longer studs
  • Installed a new thermostat and thermostat gasket
  • Ordered a bunch of Trident hose without realizing I needed the reinforced variety
  • Ordered a bunch more Trident hose of the reinforced variety (that stuff isn't cheap)
  • Replaced my water separator filter
  • Replaced my fuel filter
  • Replaced my spark plugs
  • Replaced my spark plug wires
  • Shored up my spark plug wires using the "zip tie trick" (pictures below)
  • Reinstalled my freshly painted manifolds with fresh gaskets and new manifold bolts
  • Found a Gates belt to replace the old ratty one that was there

I still need to:
  • Wait for my reinforced hose to arrive!
  • Reinstall my freshly painted risers
  • Wait for the powdercoater to finish the pylon & other metal interior pieces

A little progress, but a mess of spark plug wires.

Saw this trick on PowerBlock TV. Wrap a zip tie around the wires and then wrap zip ties between them. Snug them up and trim the ends. Makes for a really neat job, for very cheap!

Cleans things up very nicely and appeals to my OCD.

Freshly painted manifolds.

Gates variety alternator belt.

I can't figure out how I'm going to tighten the hex head riser bolts that I got from skidim. The wrench barely has room to swing. Especially on the valve cover side!

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