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Thumbs up 1987 PS 190 gets a freshening up.

Hey everyone, I'm pretty new here. Always skied behind small I/Os until a few years ago when I had the opportunity to ski behind a MC and from that point on, I've been in the market. However, my budget has always been pretty low. In February of this year I finally found a nice, clean Mastercraft in my price range.

1987 Mastercraft ProStar 190 on date of purchase. The engine has 654 hours.

Towing it home, across the lake on a ferry. If we had hit an iceberg, it would've been my personal lifeboat.

The vinyl is in incredible shape but some other interior parts were looking a bit worn.

The ski pylon and hand rails were looking a bit tired. I removed these and dropped them off at the powder coater. They are being coated with "Reflective Chrome" which ends up looking more like a dull polished aluminum.

One thing I wanted to do before summer was give it a tuneup and replace the leaky valve cover gaskets. Also want to upgrade to electronic ignition eventually.

This is the engine before.

Threw the manifolds in the sandblaster and then hit them with some high temp paint.

Once they dried, I hit the raised lettering with some high temp white.

I did the same for the risers.

Now, I start accumulating parts.

The hose is from Unfortunately, I ordered 7 feet of 1 1/4 and they sent me 7 feet of 1 1/8! So, that will have to go back. Also ready to go is a new thermostat, fuel filter, water separator, impeller, and fresh manifold bolts & gaskets.

Will update as more parts arrive.
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