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Hi everyone, just something to add to this thread. I have a 96 PS 190 with the LT-1 and until yesterday it did not have the modification to move the steam pipe / bleed line from the rear of the heads to the front. I was not having any cooling issues during the short time I have owned this boat and didn't want to "fix something that wasn't broke" logic for not moving the bleeds to the front. First start up in the driveway after winter storage revealed a water leak from the port side steam tube. Further checking I found a rupture in the steam tube right near the attach point with the banjo bolt on the port rear head. What happend was scale, rust, crud all of the above migrated into the line and plugged the line trapping a little water, add freezing temps and you get a split line. Prior knowledge would have prompted me to add some compressed air through the bleed line from the manifold hose to clear out any obstructions last fall when I winterized. Needless to say my stock steam tube is junk (not enough length to clip off and attach a hose) and was a good excuse to make the modification as per the Service Bulletin from MC. I checked the local hardware store for the required brass elbows, tee, clamps and hose = just under $30.00. I then spoke with our local MC dealer to get their input on the Service Bulletin and to answer a few questions I had about the procedure. Our MC dealer, Midwest MasterCraft hear in Minneapolis, MN was an awesome source. They had done the procedure many times over the years and had the kit on hand that the service bulletin calls for at a whopping cost of 10 bucks! The Marks in the service department walked me through this simple procedure as per the service bulletin and offered any further assistance as needed. It took me 1 hour to make the mod and that was only because I had nothing else better to do. The plugs on the front of the heads back out with a 1/4" drive and replace the banjo bolts on the rear (after you have discarded the steam tube and bolts). Two brass fittings replace the plugs on the front of the heads with a short length of rubber hose running between the fittings on the heads. The starboard head is fitted with a brass T so as to connect the hose from the port head and the bleed hose running to the port exhaust manifold. Thats it! I like it so much better for another reason than cooling, it will be much easier to drain without clogging as the small ports in the old banjo bolts and tube are prone to do. Fired it up in the driveway, no runs, no drips, no errors. I can post some pics if anyone wants them. Special thanks to Midwest MC for being so helpful!!
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