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in that particular spot i wouldn't get excited. in other spots i'd be concerned. my boat has a similar but not as bad issue around the starboard hinge for the sun pad. my guess on mine is that the gas shock was shot and folks just had to force open the sun pad manually. that extra force probably caused the hinge bolt to loosen up and allow the hinge to rotate back into the gelcoat which caused the gouge. my sun pad is currently off for reskinning, however, my plan for a fix is to replace the shocks (done) and to tighten up the hardware and use my basic gelcoat repair kit from bass pro to touch up the gouge. i'm not worried about further stress cracking because that hinge really only seems to be under stress when the sun pad is up. when it's down, it rests on metal cross supports so the hinges don't really seem to carry any weight during normal use which should hopefully alleviate any further cracking.
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