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Originally Posted by EricB View Post
First, there is no gasket between the trans and the engine. No worries there.

Second, if the heads (pictured) were removed from the original engine, they must of had work done to them before. They should of been painted black.
That's good news about the heads having had work in the past, I was really thinking the previous owner was full of it with how clogged the water jackets were, since removing the heads, the clog has become more and more chalky as it dried out, and at this point falls apart really easily.

Also, thanks for the good news about the lack of a gasket, I might actually stand a chance of completing the swap this weekend. The last two weekends were a wash, my neighbor rented his house out for Daytona bike week, and the guy that rented the house completely blocked in my yard with cars and trailers...didn't see him at all the 10 days he was there, now that he's gone I get to park my bike in my neighbors garage again and have access to the engine I'm hiding out back.

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