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Buying the boat with 1700 hours and water in the oil, I knew that it had some issues, I hoped that swapping the exhaust manifolds and risers would have fixed it, and thought that I could get a year or two out of it before the rebuild. There was rust all around on both the manifolds and risers on the left and right manifolds and risers. When I pulled the risers and manifolds, the water jackets were in poor shape, almost looking clogged with crap. After replacing the manifolds and risers and still finding water in the oil, I pulled the heads to find that they were in even worse condition. The previous owner said that he had the heads pulled and checked at a machine shop, I imagine now that he was full of it since he said he had put less than 1 hour on the boat since having them checked and they seem to be clogged, both the left and right side. If they were checked, I imagine the crap would have been cleaned out of the water jacket. I got a good deal and knew that there were engine problems when I bought it. I also knew that the previous owner wasn't all there when he wouldn't return my calls requesting him to sign the trailer registration over to me which was missed in the original sale (Florida DMV helped me out with that one).
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