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My boat does not need to be overloaded to surf, I am sure there are other boats that mak a bigger wave. (25,30,55) The origianl question was about an X2... this is the boat he has. My son, a fantastic surfer, surfed behind a 25 last summer and the boat was not set up correctly and said, Dad, please don't ever buy the 25, surf wave is total junk. I surfed a 25 also last summer, total stock and set up correctly and would say the wave is taller, but the pocket no better than my 2. Point is, setting up the boat is crucial regardless.

First pic - 4 people in the boat, Port Full, 400# port sac full, KGB full, 350# center full

Second pic - Same as above except no 350# center, wave/pocket is shorter

Third Pic - Same as 2, only 3 people in the boat
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