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Originally Posted by LittleFuss View Post
I need one of those bad
I might can be of service. I've just cut out and fabbed up a few of these for people on here. Problem is, some are different than others. The ones (and i did both) that I personally have, the sides on the bottom piece and the top piece are the same width. But on some of the others, the sides taper in about 1 1/2". see below pics and tell me which one yours looks like. Then we can take it from there.
The top pic is my original.
2nd pic is original one rebuilt using plywood. Notice the piece of the top part. That piece will be covered in vinyl and have embroidered 'MASTERCRAFT" on it. It mounts from the backside.
3rd pic is almost complete without the insert added yet.
4th pic is the one where the sides taper in a bit. It also does not have any screw holes in the top part, as mine does. It may have been screwed in from the backside. I don't know.
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