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Originally Posted by swatguy View Post
My process is no where near Jeff D's. Just put front bar in place and install pins. Done.
Well, I guess there are a few factors at play in my situation that make it seem worse.
1) I've got a 230 VRS. It looks like you've got an '00 X-Star. My bimini is pretty giant compared to my neighbor's Tower bimini on his SAN 210. Mine's the biggest bimini I've ever seen in real life on a ski boat and therefore probably a little harder to deal with. It's almost literally double the size of the OEM bimini on my friend's '07 X2.

2) I have to unfold and refold my tower to the rear to get it out/in my garage which the bimini interferes with. So, I've already got a pretty long list of "chores" to do to get the boat ready. I guess I'm more inclined to whine about this sort of thing vs. someone who just connects up to the boat and goes and only has to deal with the bimini.

3) Mine is so tight front to rear that there's no way I could remove the front bow from the clamps without disconnecting the middle "tensioning" bow. My tower speakers prevent me from being able to pivot the center bow rearward while connected to the tower anyway. Also, the instructions from TowerBiminis did say to disconnect the middle bow like I do.

All that said I wouldn't buy another bimini. I think it's a big factor in the overall "look" of my boat. For most applications I prefer the under the tower look vs. the over the top look. It also offers a lot of shade for the wife and kids.

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