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Batteries and charging

I have an X-80 with the standard dual battery set up with isolator and Perko Switches. I'm upgrading the stereo system and want to install the right batteries and dual bank charger to run a standalone system so I dont kill my alternators.

I live in the cold isnt an issue for battery selection.

Stereo set up: (1) Syn 4: 75Amp, (2) Class D amps: 60 Amps 195Amps.

I have a 250A breaker with 1O wiring powering the breaker and to the junction. I'm running 4Gauge to each amp.

What are the best batteries to run, and best way to wire (Parallel, Series?). and How long would I expect to run the stereo moderately before a recharge. We go out and camp on the beach for 2-3 days at a I can bring my honda gen to recharge when necessary.

Any rec's for dual bank charger?

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