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Originally Posted by Cloaked View Post
Fabricated bracket base for an 89 model...

I have the same bracket base, however I believe mine is not the correct one for an '89 due to following issues:

I think the angle is incorrect. As you can see in the bottom picture during test fitting, when I attempt to fold down the platform the supports want to pull away from the teak - putting the brackets/platform in a bind (and possible damage). The top picture shows when I loosened the bracket to base connection to get everything to work, it became obvious the base was not the correct transom angle. I could used them as removable brackets, except that they position the platform too high.....
The bracket base also causes the platform to hit the lifting rings:

While I could remove material from either the aluminum bracket or the teak, I am not going to do that.
Here is a look from below at how it also doesn't hit the center support, which a few folks on here needed to remove in order to have the platform fold correctly.

Lastly, this is my guess at the correct angle needed for my transom ('89 PS190). I was going to have a local shop mill them down, but the bracket is still too high.

These were purchased from another member on here, he purchased them for his boat of the same year, but never installed them. Now they are mine and don't fit.
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