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Why was my post moved!!!!

The General Discussion forum was never meant for or intended to be used as a catch-all.

The forums are pushed to MCs Facebook page via RSS feeds now. As such, post dealing with installation, maintenance, upgrades or how tos will be moved from the General MC to category specific areas, which is what the mods were instructed to do. If a post is a non specific question dealing with maintenance it will be moved to the general maintenance forum.

It is nothing personal and I know some folks do not like the change. Do not take offense to your post being moved.

So, with that... please start posting your post in the "most" appropriate section. Anything dealing with how tos, maintenance, installations, up keep, please post it in the maintenance section.

If you are selling anything, it goes in the for sale section.

If you are posting something that does not relate to MC in general, it is off topic and should be posted in that area.

If you have an event that is in your area, that goes in the MC in your area.

Thanks for all the help!

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