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Originally Posted by mgorczak1 View Post
.20 more per gallon more for the best octane controlled burn is too cheap to even debate. Unless of course you're buying on the water. I buy about 180 gallons a season so that equates to $36 - $40 bucks a cheap for minimizing any chance for detonation, my gas always sits, I don't run my boat every week, made a few new friends so we alternate. I am kind of an additive nut so I just added Lucas Octane Boost to the gas I have been saving all winter in my boats gas tank. Weather caused be to have more gas left than I usually like to.

I have a station locally that has some racing fuel, which I might use to top off the tank.

It's a great discussion for us boat owners who want keep our older boats running for darn near forever. Considering for me a slalom skier a new PS 197 sells for about a $49,900 + sales tax + higher insurance...
It's your ride and your cash. Do whatever makes you feel good at night.

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