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.20 more per gallon more for the best octane controlled burn is too cheap to even debate. Unless of course you're buying on the water. I buy about 180 gallons a season so that equates to $36 - $40 bucks a cheap for minimizing any chance for detonation, my gas always sits, I don't run my boat every week, made a few new friends so we alternate. I am kind of an additive nut so I just added Lucas Octane Boost to the gas I have been saving all winter in my boats gas tank. Weather caused be to have more gas left than I usually like to.

I have a station locally that has some racing fuel, which I might use to top off the tank.

It's a great discussion for us boat owners who want keep our older boats running for darn near forever. Considering for me a slalom skier a new PS 197 sells for about a $49,900 + sales tax + higher insurance...
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