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Originally Posted by madcityskier View Post
More or less a cold water issue. I'm sure it's past due for a carb re-build, but I'd rather push it off if I can just get away with switching to 91, which I believe I can. Still less than the recommendation, so why not. Just figured I'd run it past my boys here to see if anyone can raise a specific reason not to.
I can't see running higher octane ever hurting an engine... I would also start adding seafoam to each tank - its something I do and have done for a very long time. I have engines that sit in Ontario Canada for 49 weeks a year...Always had hesitation in my outboards for the first week when refitting for fishing time...ever since seafoam - it's like the 49 weeks never happen.

I agree - you can avoid a carb rebuild - I could...when you do you can go twin supercharge? This setup would have no problem getting you out of the water...
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