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Stupid question maybe...why use a buffer/orbital/rotary whatever? I guess if your boat is oxidized or trashed a buffer maybe needed.

Should we all have a buffer? doe it help apply polish? Well...I guess it does but is ther an advantage. I polish my boat a few times a year with Starbrite with PTEF but i just use a pad to put on and a microfiber to take off. I then use a spray on wax, Rat Juice, every weekend.

Should I be using a machine to polish? I have enough trouble climbing under the boat on a roller boat to polish and wax, I cannot imagine dealing with a machine and a cord that will get hooked on something as soon as I get under my boat.

If the weather holds this weekend I was planning on polishing inside and out this weekend and vacuuming all the carpets, etc. Just did my truck with Zymol today by hand.
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