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stringer update:

Inspected stringers this week also. Look to be solid...except where the engine mounts attach with the large lag bolts!!! One side is worse than the other...Wood is pretty damp, and the boat hasn't been in the water for 2 yrs!!! Fiberglass has delaminated from the other stringer on the engine side for about 12 inches...stringer wet.

so....what next????

Replace stringers?

heard of something called "rot doctor" which I think is some sort of epoxy that you build up the rotted out hardens...then you can redrill/anchor your lag bolts back into the repaired area. (anyone use this stuff)

I don't think replacing the stringers will be very difficult...

Been researcing on the site with regards to the stringer replacement/floor replacement...lots of good information on different methods and products. much epoxy resin do you think it is going to take for the repairs....taking into consideraton coating/sealing plywood for new floors? How much fiberglass cloth to buy??

Noticed also that there is a void of "foam" towards the back of the boat. It was damp in this area when I removed the floor. It looks like when they poured the foam in between the stringers when building the boat, it didn't flow all the way back before it started to harden. Thinking of filling this area with foam. Don't think it will harm anything.
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