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Originally Posted by Table Rocker View Post

I will try to help. The hoses with direction of flow:
1) Transmission cooler to raw water pump
2) Raw water pump to back side (behind thermostat) of water mixer
3) Front side of water mixer to port side exhaust manifold
4) Circulating water pump to back side of water mixer
5) Back side of water mixer to circulating water pump thermostat housing
6) Same as #3, but starboard manifold (this hose is barely seen in the photo due to the Perfect Pass module)

There is a small (approx 3/8") hole in the water mixer/thermostat housing that bypasses the thermostat allowing water to the manifolds at all times.
I have looked into replacing my hoses on my boat since it is 14 years old and I have been told that hoses #4 and #5 are unavailable. So, what are the options to replace these hoses?
2003 ProStar 197, MCX and Powerslot.
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