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Dash gauges not working, 2002 197

Has there been any common problem causing gauge issues on boats in this age range?
Went about 1-1/2 years where a couple of the gauges did not work when powering up with the key. Often, I could turn engine off, crank again, and evererything worked.

Now, all 4 gauges (oil, water, tach, voltage) do not work. They are not dead, they read bad readings as if the voltage supply is incorrect. I realize this is a track it down job, butwas hoping someone might have knowledge of a certain connection known to go bad or something along those lines.
This problem has been since mid summer. At Thanksgiving the Perfect Pass gave aabopaut 4 passes in about 10 sets where it accelerated pretty hard in the middle of a pass (throttle had to be pulled back manually) which I feel could be a voltage supply issue as well or a completely different problem.

A wiring diagram would be good as well. Don't think one came with the manual. My 1986 had one in the manual.
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