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Newbie--1982 Stars and Stripes Restoration

My first post on the site, though I been checking out team talk for a couple months since I picked up my next project up off Craigs list...and it's time to get to work!!

I have been skiing behind and loving my 1962 Corsair 15' vintage circle racer v-drive for 20 yrs now. Being into vintage boats, bikes and cars, etc., I told myself that the only way I would step it up to a "modern" competition ski boat is if I locate a stars and stripes Mastercraft...well.....I found it.....

Great Site.

As I get into this sucker...I might have a few questions for you guys...hope guys don't mind lending a hand.

Picked up this 1982 with a siezed engine, but for a 30 year old pretty damn good shape!!, Trailer isn't half bad either....

Not too hot on the brown gel coat, so I may very well be getting into some paint work.

Since purchasing the boat a few months ago, I have a rebuilt engine ready to go....just need to transfer the marine parts off the old engine (will be working this part of the project this week)

I Removed all the interior, engine, gas tank. After further inspection, I have uncovered a few issues....
-1- Floor is "spongy" under gas tank area. At first glance, stringers look ok, but we will have to see after further inspection---Get ready for floor replacement photos.

-2- I noticed that when wiggling the rudder had some excessive movement left and right while holding the steering wheel. I traced the problem to slop in the bracket that holds the steering cable inplace before it attaches to the rudder assembly (see attached photo) Anyone know where to source a replacement/updated bracket?

-3- Question: I was talking to a fellow who mentioned that this engine may have what he called a "reverse water pump". I'm not quite sure about this. My impression was that standard marine waterpump is the right one...

Keep tuned in for pictures of the restoration process....
Here are some pictures....enjoy...(I hope I figured out how to attach them...if not I will try again)

thanks... Bill Wishart
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