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Originally Posted by pram View Post
Did you get the rebuild kit off of Ebay? How is the rebuild going? I need to pull mine off and redo it also as it leaks.

what is this steam pipe that you guys are talking about?
I got the kit from H20pumpman1 on eBay. I have the old pump apart with the impeller off and bearings punched out. You just take the cover off and punch the shaft out. I need to paint some areas on the pump and put it back together. I might relocate my heater hose to the pump as well. I will have to drill and tap a hole to do that.

The same guy on eBay sells rebuilt Corvette pumps for not much more than the rebuild kit. The pump for the '92 Corvette appears the same as the pump on my '96 Indmar. The pump for the '93 - 96 vette has a heater hose location on the front. I am kind of wishing I had gone that route and moved my heater hose. You would need to add an inline valve to be able to shut it off.

The steam crossover pipe is located on the back of the heads on automotive applications. Since our boats have the engines mounted at an angle, the steam pipe needs to be on the front. The heads are the same on each end, so there are plugs where the pipe installs.

If you have any questions, let me know.
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