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Originally Posted by X-1Texas View Post
Nice boat. Mine is pretty much the same, but Navy Blue. I know how you feel about a long winter. Picked up my 07 X1 in January of this year, made for a long 3 months. Then pretty much every day in May was 20 plus mph winds.

We had a great time this summer with the boat. Got out last weekend for some surfing. Hopefully I'll get out a couple more times.

I second the thought on the removing the hard tanks and installing some bags. It gives you tons of room for storage. I put 400's in but I'm thinking of going up to 750's this winter to make the surfing better.

Enjoy the new boat.
750s are nice, but you need a LOT of weight up front with them. Along with the KGB I was running the integrated bow sac and two 350lb sacs in the nose when I had the 750s full, and I felt like it still could have used a little more weight up there.

They are great for surfing though.
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