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Originally Posted by shady View Post
I'm not completely sure, but I thought the 06+ X1s have a different surf wake then the 05 X2? Either way thanks for the reply. I've heard you get almost double the storage space when you replace the hard tanks with 750s. I definitely plan on doing this by next summer, just making sure there is nothing else needed for a getting a great surf wake out of this boat.
05 X2 is a 205V hull just like 06+ X1 so I would think they would have the same surf wake. Boats are pretty much the same.

More weight than the stock tanks and playing around with the speed will get you a good surf wake. On the Starboard side having weight up front definitely helps clean up the wake and we usually speed up to about 10.4. I have some pics of the starboard surf wake with one person in the bow and one person sitting behind the driver.

When I bought my 400's I used a 20% off coupon code for Overton's. I plan to do the same when I upgrade to 750's and get the side sacs for the front.
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