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Originally Posted by X-1Texas View Post
(Boat '07 X1) This was taken two weekends ago with just my girlfriend in the boat driving. I removed the hard tanks and plumbed in 400's in the rear lockers and put a 370 sac in the ski locker. Since my 370 sac is not plumbed in and we didn't have any other people with us I threw it on the seat on the port side. Cruise set at 9.8. I can surf as long as I want like this, the only thing that stops me is when I start playing around and get too far back on the wake or attempting a 360.

This winter I'm thinking about bumping up the to the 750's and putting side sacs under the front seats. I have a new Jabsco pump to plumb in the center sac and the front sacs. I was thinking of using side sacs up front so I can fill them up individually. Weight in the bow really improves the starboard surf wake for us. Starboard side we go a little faster also.

Removing the hard tanks in the back opens up tons more storage when the bags are empty. Get some 1" hose and pull the 3/4" hose barbs off pumps to speed up the flow. I also polished the area on the pumps where the impeller spins, not sure how much it helps (figured it couldn't hurt).
I'm not completely sure, but I thought the 06+ X1s have a different surf wake then the 05 X2? Either way thanks for the reply. I've heard you get almost double the storage space when you replace the hard tanks with 750s. I definitely plan on doing this by next summer, just making sure there is nothing else needed for a getting a great surf wake out of this boat.
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