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2005 X2 surf wake

I have just gotten a used 05 x2. My family has loved the boat the couple times we have gotten out on it before the end of the season. The only problem we are having is dialing in a good surf wake.

We have stock ballast which I'm not even sure how much that is. We fill the center tank, and what ever side we are surfing on all the way. The speeds we've tried vary between 8-12. The sweet spot is tiny and the wake never seems to clean up.

In the future I do plan to remove the hard tanks and put in flyhigh 750s. Is there any other places the ballast would need to be upgraded for a better surf wake? BTW I would like to avoid the IBS system in the bow because we need the storage unless some bow weight is absolutely necessary in this boat.

For now though, does anybody have any good wakesurf setups on the stock ballast for this boat and what speed are you at?
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