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Originally Posted by johkur View Post
What do you mean about the nylon piece broke? Mine is also broken, and just was told there's only a 1 year warranty on that? I think because the metal piece goes up and down so frequently, depending on length of rope/angle, it puts alot of stress on that nylon. So far, MC can't even find the part #s for this, but either way says that its not under warranty. any info on what part or how to fix?
What i meant is that the nylon sleeve that the rope wraps around has a chip in the bottom where the rope lead protrudes. As a result, the tower mounted camera does not follow the skier when the rope moves behind the boat.

Luckily our nylon piece broke within our one year warranty (so for all i know they are replacing the entire mount). I took the mount apart and noticed that when the rope has pressure on it the nylon piece freezes up. Thus, when the skier goes outside the wake the rope lead moves but the nylon doesn't. Thus, the nylon cracks/chips/breaks. I have watched it closely and it only happens once in a while, so I'm just chalking this up to a poor design.

If I get the part number I will post it up here for you as well. Best of luck.
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