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women's ski help!

Posted this on Ball of Spray to get some opinions. Since I am reading Team Talk all the time as well I figured I would see what everyone here has to say.

I'm searching for a ski for my wife and am looking for opinions. Also wondering what all the ladies/men's girlfriends or wives on here ride.

Some background: 5 feet tall, 110 lbs, all free skiing for now, but starting the course in the spring. She skis at 15off and 29-30mph (which will slow down when she starts the course).

Here are some of the skis I have looked into: Obrien Prima 64", Obrien Synchro 63", Obrien Siege 64.5", HO Couture 65", HO Muse 65", HO Siren 63", Connelly SP 64".

I know some of these skis are like apples to oranges, thats why I'm looking for opinions. For example, one concern I have is regarding the HO Muse. Great ski to learn on, but is she going to want something better in a year or two? Being that it is a wider more buoyant ski is it going to bounce across the wake instead of cut through it? A wide 65" seems like a lot of ski for how small she is. The 63" HO Siren seems more fitting being a wide ski (although it is hard to find since its discontinued). Also, I haven't found any reviews/opinions regarding the Obrien Prima (maybe too high end for her?).

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