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And lastly (so far), as it's going into storage, I pulled the dash panels. I have all new gauges to replace the current ones, and I'm probably going to replace the panels themselves. I have a few ideas (if I opt to make new ones as opposed to cleaning up and refurbishing the ones I have) before putting in the new gauges. And as you can see from this picture, the mounting nuts from the center console are all pulled or the dash itself it ripped/broken. I think a few of you have had this problem (go over a wake and the dash panel witht he speedos pops out of the dash itself). I have an idea here to make an aluminum backing for the panel, and as spring approaches I'll complete that repair and post it (assuming it comes out ok). Pulling the panels prior to storage gives me something to put on my workbench so I can keep busy since the boat is in a storage building up on a rack and I can't access it very easily over the winter.
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